Facial Hair Scissors (Pointed Tip)


Unwanted facial hair leaving you frustrated? Our facial hair scissors are the perfect solution. They’re designed to be the ultimate in durability and ease of use. Half tweezers, half scissors, our facial hair trimmers can take on a wide away of grooming tasks, allowing you to present the world with your very best face.

Made of hardened surgical stainless steel, our scissors are designed to last for a lifetime. They’re also designed to be easy to use. Instead of the standard finger loopholes, our scissors are operated by gently squeezing the handles. This unique design makes it easy to trim hair in hard to reach places, giving you precision you just can’t get from standard scissors.

No matter your hair removal needs, our scissors can help you get the look you want. Trim away unwanted nasal or ear hair. Precisely style your eyebrows. Remove excess facial hair. With so many uses, these scissors deserve a spot in every cosmetics kit and makeup bag.

Peak Product’s facial hair scissors are designed to last a lifetime. If you’re unhappy with your purchase, or if your scissors break or become dull, let us know. We’ll do everything we can to get your scissors back in working order.

  • Description

Keep every hair in place with Peak Product’s durable, easy to use facial hair scissors. Designed to be simple to maneuver and to last for years, these scissors are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a safe, reliable method to control facial hair.

You’ve probably already noticed what makes our scissors so unique: their design. Instead of the finger loopholes you find on traditional scissors, our trimmers simply require you to squeeze the handle. In fact, we sometimes call them Twissers – a cross between scissors and tweezers. Non-slip finger grips make them even easier to control and maneuver. This allows you to use them effectively in difficult to reach places, making it easy to get exactly the cut you need.

The thing about unwanted facial hair is that it grows fast. Fortunately, one of the most standout features of our facial hair scissors is that they’re durable. Made of hardened surgical stainless steel, our scissors are designed to stand up to continued use. Whether you’re trimming your brows, nose, ear, or mustache hair, our scissors can keep up with even the most determined growth.

Peak Product’s facial hair scissors are a great addition to any cosmetics kit, regardless of gender. They’re equally effective at shaping eyebrows as they are grooming beards and moustaches. Trim away unwanted hair, or use them to sculpt dynamic and attractive moustaches, beards, and more.

Each pair of our beauty scissors is 4.5 inches long and are hand made to exact specifications and quality control. Our scissors are packaged in a durable leather case, which helps to keep them sharp and undamaged.

Our beauty scissors are designed to last you a lifetime – they’re that durable. However, if they do happen to become dull, please send them back to us. We’ll sharpen them for you for free. The same goes for if they break. Let us know and we’ll replace them for you for free.

At Peak Products, our number one goal is for you to have trust in our products. If you’re unhappy with your facial hair scissors in any way, let us know. We’ll do whatever we can to make sure you’re satisfied.